About Me

20+ Years.
Lots of Fun.


Based in North Texas,
working worldwide.


I’m a Dallas-based web and graphic designer with over 20 years of real-world, multi-industry experience in a diverse variety of work environments. My workmanship’s been tested on projects great and small, and in a wide range of scenarios. From midnight crunches to months-long strategic planning, I finish the job.


My philosophy is simple: adapt or die. It’s a concept that’s guided me across projects, technologies and industries. In my position, I can never rest on my current skillset, or claim a narrow definition of what constitutes “my job.” When we do that, we become irrelevant, and today’s job market isn’t kind to irrelevance. There’s always something to learn, always something to push myself toward. Every project presents a new challenge, a fresh outlet for exploration.


I’m a mixed bag, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I juggle print and web projects on a daily basis. From sports, to advertising, to finance, I’ve honed my craft in a diverse range fields. I’ve tackled design solutions for a broad spectrum of themes, such as NBA championships, mutual fund investing and pan-American development. Heck, I’ve even branded cosmetics; totally down my alley.

Some Folks I've Worked With